The simple process of making puffed cakes starts with the right combination of heat and pressure. Processing the ingredients at a high temperature and high pressure causes the grains to puff up and pack together tightly in the cake mould. The next step would be to add flavours such as salt, chocolate, or leave cakes with their original flavour.  Puffed cakes can be made from a variety of grains, the most known are rice cakes and corn cakes. Rice cakes are low in calories, fat-free and sodium-free. Rice cakes are mainly used as snacks, desserts, or for sandwiches and is suitable for anyone who wants something light and easy for digestion. Corn Cakes are light and crunchy, and can also make a lovely snack, or dessert. They are a healthy, low fat and wholesome alternative to bread and other crackers. Our puffed cakes are original, crispy and delicious. Coming soon to Vivacité.

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