Soy drink is the best plant-based alternative to dairy. It is made by soaking and cooking soybeans, then grinding them and squeezing out the liquid inside. Classic and refreshing, it has pleasingly fresh and neutral taste, that is ready to be poured on cereal, added to your preferred smoothie recipe, or just enjoyed in a glass. It is also an ideal ingredient for baking desserts or as a coffee creamer. Soy drink can emphasise the flavour you want and give you a boost from plant-based protein. Mix 2 tablespoons with about 250ml of water and stir it well to have a flavoursome versatile dairy – free of sugar or preservatives. Soy drink does not contain lactose, so lactose intolerant individuals can definitely drink it on a regular, daily basis.

Another common alternative to dairy is Rice drinks. Rice is one of the key sources of nutrition for people which is also easy to digest, making it the perfect base for your everyday substitute to dairy. Typically refreshing in flavour and energising, it can also be used, like soy drink, on cereal, smoothies, in baked goods, etc. Rice drink is known as the least allergenic of milk alternatives and can be fortified to be a good source of calcium, vitamin A, and vitamin D. Rice milk is also naturally sweeter than other milk alternatives. Coming soon to Vivacité.

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